Resource Support in Literacy and Numeracy

Heather Halman and Darlene Brown get news of the proposal being accepted

The Learning Exchange and CDC Vimont are thrilled to announce their project proposal for Resource Support in Literacy and Numeracy of $50,000 was approved by the Table Interordres de Laval for the 2016/2017 school year.

The project’s main initiative is to hire a qualified remediation Resource Specialist to work with TLE volunteer tutors and Adult Education students under 20 years of age. The Specialist will work with and train TLE’s team members to enable them to work with selected students on the development of essential skills and competencies in the key subject areas as well as study and time management skills.

Participants will increase literacy and essential skills levels to have the necessary skills to find/retain employment and/or to enroll in/continue to participate in professional training and/or employment preparation programs thus improving the overall vitality of the Laval community.